our philosophy

Jenpix – to make a long story short…

The history of Jenpix all started in the year 2010 in Jena, in a small office with a coffee machine and two laptops with two sets of sharp eyes staring at them. Since then we’ve become an effective and committed team of 35 creative and hard-working members who are dedicated to putting their skills and experience, gained over the years in SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, to use for clients operating in various industries.

What makes us who we are is a mix of sustainability and innovation combined with the ability to think outside the box and transparent communication.

Fairness and sustainability aren’t just advert-relevant keywords for us, but rather deep-rooted fundamental values that have become manifested in both our work with our clients as well as our day-to-day collaboration within the company.

  • We don’t take any stock in opacity, gibberish, or doing things for appearances’ sake!
  • We stand for honest communication and a sound work ethic, supplemented with a bit of quirkiness!
  • We think outside the box and develop individualised solutions!
  • We always closely adhere to Google Guidelines!
  • We’re internationally oriented and handle projects independently and precisely in English, French, Italian, and Spanish (as well as others) – naturally carried out by native speakers!

There’s no dog-eat-dog or lickety-split mentality here at Jenpix. We believe creative potential can only be achieved in a relaxed atmosphere. Our teams work closely together to enable the exchange of creative ideas. Our flexible work times, including the option of having a four-day workweek and working from home, enable our employees to enjoy a good amount of freedom and leisure time. Especially young parents value our family-friendly attitude. Due to these factors, we’re rewarded with colleagues who are highly motivated, resistant to stress, creative, loyal, and really enjoy what they do.

That’s our basic recipe for success!



Besides the technical optimisation of a website, content is one of the most deciding factors of a successful on-page optimisation. On-page content is the basis for rankings as well as overall user experience.

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Off-page optimisation, alongside on-page optimisation, is the second pillar in search engine optimisation. Having high-quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in calculating ranking in organic searches. Acquiring as many backlinks as you can on a multitude of websites won’t guarantee your site is the first hit on a Google search. We can assist you in generating qualitative high-value links, putting quality over quantity, to ensure your site gains visibility.

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Localisation and Translation

We provide you with localisation of content, E-commerce translations as well as website translations from German/English into French, Italian, Spanish, and English. In addition, we can also translate from French/English into German. Our translators are native speakers of the languages they translate into, bring with them extensive experience in SEO, and are also active in the online marketing team. They’re familiar with their target audience and know what’s important.

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Our creative minds are on a continuous search for challenging and exciting projects. Let us assist you. Feel free to get in touch with our content experts who would be glad to advise you and create an individualised offer.