Localisation and Translation

Localisation is not just a word-for-word translation of previously conceptualised content, but an adjustment of the content for the corresponding target market/group. Cultural and linguistic differences are several factors at play here. We keep in mind, for instance, that both internal and external links are sensible, ensure motifs are contextually suitable, and make sure to use relevant keywords. When carrying out our tasks, we always take SEO aspects into account. Thus, when developing content we also create title tags, as well as meta and image descriptions. We are dependable in our work and meet our deadlines.

Content Localisation

We’re experts in multilingual SEO content and can offer you keyword research as well as text creation according to requirements for well-localised content. We’ll be with you every step of the way from coming up with topics for blog and newsletter articles to translating them into the language(s) relevant to your target market. Naturally, we can also translate and localise content you’ve previously conceptualised.

E-Commerce Translations

Customers like to shop in their native language, especially online. Offering an online shop in the relevant language(s) for your target region promotes customer trust, reduces loss of customers, and also increases the chance of your international users also becoming your customers. We can assist you in reaching out to your international customer base and create and develop product descriptions that are suitable for those local markets.

Website Translations

When you would like to offer your goods and services in more than one country, you need professionally translated content in every language for your target regions. We translate your online content while keeping in mind regional characteristics and relevant SEO principles.

Our services encompass the translation and localisation of online articles, texts, infographics and much more from German/English into French, Italian, Spanish, and English. We can do the same from French/English into German. Additional languages are available upon request. It goes without saying that your texts are only translated by native speakers with both editorial and SEO experience.