Off-page optimisation, alongside on-page optimisation, is the second pillar in search engine optimisation. Having high-quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in calculating ranking in organic searches. Acquiring as many backlinks as you can on a multitude of websites won’t guarantee your site is the first hit on a Google search. We can assist you in generating qualitative high-value links, putting quality over quantity, to ensure your site gains visibility. 

What are backlinks and how are they weighted?

A backlink is a kind of recommendation that leads you from one website to another. Not all of these “recommendations” are created equally, however. One very important factor is the website on which the backlink is listed. Backlinks listed in a mere link list without any other content or thematic connection, for instance, have a lower value and can even lead to a decrease in ranking.

We have extensive experience in the sensitive field of organic linkbuilding and we can use our know-how to support you in seeding your product line and suitable content. To ensure a solid and comprehensive backlink building, we offer you:

Natural Linkbuilding

Just as a “normal” recommendation should be made naturally and convincingly, so too should be the case with backlinks. Purchased links and link exchanges don’t correlate to Google’s guidelines and this unsavoury practice is not something done here at Jenpix. We rely on natural linkbuilding methods and will be glad to assist you in broadening your backlink profile.

Links that can be naturally inserted on a website are the bread and butter of a natural backlink profile. First and foremost, these links tend to be thematically relevant. How these links are integrated is another deciding factor. A balance of start page / subpage as well as follow / nofollow links is a part of building and developing a good backlink profile. The type of website also plays an important role: backlinks on smaller websites as well as on an official homepage of a city or university all contribute to your profile.

What you will not find at Jenpix:

  • Purchased links
  • Link exchanges
  • Links in link lists
  • Link spam

What we do offer:

  • High quality backlinks within a natural backlink profile
  • Thematically-relevant websites
  • Various types of websites
  • Deep links
  • Continuous and regular backlink building
  • Longevity of links
  • Regular control and analysis of backlinks

Content Seeding

Good content is key in getting the word out about your website. The keyword here is content – this content should benefit both your website’s visitors and operators. We can either spread the word about your existing content or create a customised concept for seedable content that is suitable for organic backlink building.

Content, which can be used for seeding, should first and foremost be something novel. Some kind of FAQ or guide that has already been posted hundreds of times elsewhere online won’t interest anyone. Also, content that is much too commercialised is not suitable for building up natural backlinks; pure advertising is never free.

Our job is to identify content suitable for seeding to ensure other website operators would be glad to recommend your website to others. This is where we begin seeding the content. Besides the quality and novelty of the content, its overall aesthetic appeal also plays a big factor. Content featuring diagrams, graphics, statistics, and an overall clean format are much more likely to be linked on a website than a long-winded chunk of block text.

Social Seeding

Social networks are becoming more and more of an integral part of seeding. Never before did websites need to generate additional traffic and publicity by utilising Tweets and Likes. Placing content on relevant social media is not only an up-and-coming marketing tool, but is also gaining popularity in the SEO world. So-called “social signals” (i.e. interactions such as Likes and Shares) have been factored in Google’s ranking algorithm for years.

Some topics are more suitable to share in an online community than others. Thus, not only the content itself is a deciding factor; of equal importance are also the choice of where to post it as well as the content’s overall aesthetic value. Short texts, graphics, and videos are much more likely to be shared quickly and often. Sweepstakes and promotions are also great ways to get Shares and Likes.

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about natural backlink building, content seeding, and social seeding. We can build and develop your own natural backlink profile for the English-speaking market as well as review and evaluate your pre-existing backlinks. Reach out to us and we’d be happy to make you an offer.